In 2011 an anonymous donation of $2,000 was given to our Friends group.  At the annual retreat in 2013 it was decided to start a scholarship fund with this money. And so, the Scholarship Committee was born! The scholarship has been available to high school seniors who plan to pursue careers in fields related to fish and wildlife management, environmental education, conservation and related fields.

Each spring since, we have solicited applicants in the Chewelah, Colville, Kettle Falls and Northport high schools.  We have given four awards, each worth $500.


Future Scholarship winners

Meet the recipients:

In 2013 two Colville students were awarded scholarships.  Dylan Schanz continues his studies at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. His intent is to work with alternative energy in his engineering career. The Graham Hill addition to the Rotary Trail was Dylan’s senior project.

Brogan Bateman received the other scholarship. This helped her as she began the educational endeavor to become a biology teacher at BYU in Idaho.

A 2014 Jenkins High School graduate, Brennan Hyden won that year’s award.  He had a tremendous background in working with invasive plants and agriculture.  He even worked on several projects that brought him to the Refuge. He is now a sophomore at WSU continuing his research and studies on plants.

In 2015, Colville High graduate, Jacob Morris will use the money at Eastern Oregon University. He is planning a career in natural resource management.

Applicants are required to submit a copy of their transcripts, three letters of recommendations and an essay. We look for students who have clear career goals that are linked to an interest in the environment and have demonstrated a sense of responsibility and commitment. Scholarship awards are sent to the university.

For 2017 we still need donations to the fund. You can help by adding a few extra dollars to your membership dues. You can also help by volunteering to be on the scholarship committee! Also, if you have any ideas on how to get more contributions, please let us know.

The four students who have benefited have been extremely grateful. Even though $500 seems like such a small amount, every little bit helps to encourage and strengthen the minds of our youth. It is rewarding to be reminded of the high quality of young adults that are graduating from our education system!

The Scholarship Committee

Greg Mohr, Madonna Jones, David King

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