The Friends are dedicated to these goals:

  • Conserving and enhancing native plants, fish and wildlife and their habitats;
  • Increasing awareness, appreciation, conservation, respect and responsible use of the Refuge;
  • Promoting the understanding of the cultural and historical resources of the Refuge;
  • Serving as advocates for the Refuge;
  • Providing volunteer labor and resources to support the Refuge’s Comprehensive Conservation Plan;
  • Promoting the Refuge as an outdoor educational classroom for environmental learning; and
  • Promoting community involvement in the Refuge.

The Little Pend Oreille NWR is located ~12 miles southeast of Colville, Washington (map). At 41,000 acres, it is one of the largest Refuges in the lower 48 states and it includes a variety of habitats, and is a breeding ground for many species of migratory birds and other wildlife.

Who Needs Friends?

Our National Wildlife Refuges are unique in the array of public lands in our country- they are the only Federal lands that are specifically managed to protect and promote native species of plants and wildlife. But despite this mandate, there are always competing visions on what are appropriate activities on Wildlife Refuges. That’s why Refuges need an organized constituency that advocates for the Refuge mission. That’s why they need Friends.

We are a group of dedicated citizens who are willing to work hand in hand with the Refuge staff to support the interests of native plants and wildlife. Friends of the LPO might assist the Refuge biologist in mapping wildlife populations, banding migratory birds, or leading educational field trips with other staff members. Friends might build trails to provide appropriate public access to the wonders of the Refuge. Friends might provide outreach to educate community members about the value of native species and of the Refuges where they live. In other words, Friends are there when they are needed.